Thoughts and Affirmations

Resurrection, oil on canvas, 24 x 24 inches ©2017, Jean McGuire

New Year’s Eve is this weekend. I am not a big fan of this holiday, for many reasons: I don’t like going to parties that feel contrived and whose build-up is, in my experience, far more than any actual event could fulfill; I don’t like being on the roads when so many people have been drinking to excess; I don’t get why an arbitrary date is so important; I think your birthday is the start of your new year; and at almost 60, I see no reason to stay up until midnight just so I can make a lot of noise. My body does that on its own without my having to stay up past my bedtime.

What I do believe is that our world is changing. I have seen things occur in the past year that I never thought I would see again. It takes hard work to try and stay optimistic and hopeful in the face of some of the drama we are seeing acted out on the world stage. I believe strongly that affirmations and visualizations help combat the energies that have dominated 2017.

In thinking about how I’ve coped in the last year and what I plan on continuing to do in 2018, I realized that I’ve never shared my entire daily affirmation with anyone before. I cannot take credit for most of these; I have gathered good, positive sayings from a number of sources. Much of this is from the writings of Louise Hay of Hay House publishing fame, with a light sprinkling of things I’ve learned from Duke Tufty and the other ministers who speak at Unity on the Plaza in Kansas City.

I am willing to change; I am willing to let go. I release; I let go. I release all tension; I release all fear.

I let go of my addiction to an emotional roller-coaster; I let go of all judgement of myself and others.

I release all anger; I release all sadness; I release all guilt

I let go of any feeing of lack; I am amazing

I let go of my fear of failure and my fear or success; people love my work and happily spend money to own my creativity

I let go of all old limitations; I can do, and be, whatever I choose to put my energy into

I let go, and I am at peace.

I am at peace with myself and with process of life.

I am safe.

I have a beautiful healthy body and beautiful healthy hair. I eat healthy food in moderation to support that health.

I am eternally young; I have an open mind, an open heart, a curious mind, and a curious heart.

I am prosperous; I have abundant love, abundant happiness, abundant laughter, abundant success, and abundant treasure.

Thank you.

I am joyous, happy, and free.

I have a beautiful home, a great car, an amazing career, a wonderful man, and incredible friends and family.

I love, honor, cherish, nurture, and respect myself. I have family, friends, and a lover who love, honor, cherish, nurture and respect me.

I am happy to be alive; I am happy to be me; I am happy to be here now.

Wonderful things are happening and wonderful things will continue to happen.

Thank you.

I finish my affirmations with a few minutes of focusing on the Ho’oponopono prayer. In Joe Vitale’s book, Zero Limits, he shares a powerful story about how a therapist was able to miraculously heal criminals in a mental institute, without even visiting them.  This prayer consists of repeating the phrase, “I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you” over and over again while keeping the person who needs healing in your mind and heart. This can be a very difficult way to think of people who you feel are doing wrong, but it’s a good, positive way to trying to shift the energy they’re putting out.

In 2017 I heard an even deeper way to praying the Ho’oponopono prayer; this more intense version really helps me go deeper into the practice. This longer version is “I love you and the energy we share; I’m sorry for using you to reflect my own issues back to me; Forgive me so we both can heal; Thank you for being a safe place for me to work on my issues.”

As much as I wish that all of these affirmations were magic incantations, they aren’t. What they are is a good source of strength and focus for me. They help me affirm all that is right with my world and all the wonderful things that are moving and shifting to make life even better.

These affirmations also help me realize that everything that is happening in the world is temporary. With positive thoughts and unified actions, we can move our world back into a positive place for people of all colors, races, religious beliefs, sexes, and sexual orientation.

Last year, in my New Year’s post, Resolutions, I listed my suggested resolutions for 2017: We can resolve to stand up for what and who we believe in; We can resolve to be a voice for those who have no voice; and We can resolve to be kind and loving in our actions. I still believe in all of these resolutions and will endeavor to hold them in 2018

And, in case you’ve forgotten, there were many good things that happened in 2017. Here’s a list of 17 good things that happened in 2017, compiled by The Washington  Post. If you want an even more “feel good” list,with fewer political events listed, here’s what Reader’s Digest submitted for their top 15 best things that happened in 2017.

I hope you have a great weekend and that you are able to celebrate the holiday in a way that feels right for you. I also hope that you bring the high hopes and ideals that we celebrate on New Year’s Eve to every day of the new year.



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