This Election


I was raised in a state and county that have a strong Republican representation. My family was Republican and, as I grew older, the majority of the people I knew and worked with were Republican. I always have had strong opinions, but I soon learned when it was worth my effort to speak my mind and when it was better to just stay quiet and silently disagree.

I do not remember a time in my life when I agreed with the philosophies of the Republican party. It’s always made better sense in my mind to take care of those that need a helping hand. So, even though I was surrounded by Republicans, I have always voted my conscience.

When I moved away from the state and county I was raised in, I suddenly found myself working and socializing with people who felt the same way I did. The feeling was almost indescribable. To be able to speak my mind and not be shouted down by those who disagreed was a new, wonderful feeling for me.

This election however, is forcing me to look at what I can do to help prevent what I consider a grave mistake from happening. We have a Republican candidate for President who scares me to death. I cannot see how anyone can listen to the man speak and not realize that we are asking for far more evil than we’re prepared to deal with if he is elected. I love history and am amazed that anyone who has the ability to read and who has the most basic education doesn’t realize how close we are coming to repeating some of the gravest errors of human history.

Trump’s supporters say that he speaks his mind; yes, he does, but unfortunately, his mind changes on a dime. Trump’s supporters also say that Hillary lies, but don’t seem to notice how many times Trump has been caught on film doing or saying exactly what he says he never said. After the first debate took place I went onto the social media of my conservative friends and the debate left them with nothing to cheer about, so they reverted to posting about all of Hillary’s supposed lies. Facts don’t have anything to do with their support of this person.

In my opinion, too many of the arguments I hear my Republican friends make would only be effective if we lived in an ideal world. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. We have come a long way as a society to equalize things, but we still have miles and miles to go before we can rest in the assurance that we are living in an equal world.

I believe that sexism exists. When I was a younger woman, it wasn’t unusual to be pinched or groped by the men at work. It never occurred to me to complain; that was just the price you paid for being a woman working in a man’s world. Sexism is no longer as blatant as it was back then, but it’s only been a couple of years since I was in the corporate world and it was still alive and well.

I have seen a white male offer a higher salary to another white male than what he was paying the woman the man reported to. This woman had a higher level of education and credentials, but the upper management male rationalized that the man needed more money because the man “had more experience.” I saw the same white male offer more money to a man with a working wife and one child because the man needed more money to support his family. Never mind that the woman the man worked with had been with the company longer, had a working husband and two children. It never occurred to this upper management male to offer the females at least equal salaries.

I believe that racism exists. I hear white conservatives complaining how they have to work so hard to make ends meet and they resent helping pay for those who “will not work.” My experience of the urban core does not mesh with these outrageous statements. Almost everyone I work with in the urban part of town is not only working, they are trying to go to school and raise a family too.

It’s hard to make it to work or school on time when you are at the mercy of public transportation. When owning your own car is a dream instead of an expectation, it’s hard to make it a priority in a life of living paycheck to paycheck. I remember clearly working with a woman, a woman who works three jobs and is continually taking classes, who was trying to figure out which bills she could put off paying and still keep all her utilities on. This is not a person who is afraid to work or trying to work the system, this is a person who has been kept in low paying jobs despite her willingness to work hard.

I know that Hillary puts a lot of people off. They don’t like that her long record of public service has some blemishes. Her opponents record of public service is non-existent and his record as a business man has as many or more blemishes than Hillary’s. They don’t like her assertiveness, because even in this day and age, God forbid a woman be assertive. Her opponent is an alpha male who cannot and will not tolerate anyone disagreeing with him, but for some reason, this same behavior is not just tolerated, but applauded by many of his followers. Hillary has a well-publicized record of forgiving her husband for indiscretions that somehow became the business of the entire world. Her opponent has not just been indiscrete; he has bragged in his own book about these dalliances. I don’t understand the inconsistencies in much of the public’s belief system.

I think that almost the entire country is heart-sick that we don’t have choices we feel better about. Personally, I think there’s something inherently wrong in a system that eliminates the majority of candidates long before most of the country has a chance to have a say in it.

I know I am not going to change anyone’s mind about this election. What I do ask is after each debate, please go on one of the fact-checking sites to see who is being the most honest in the debates. I recommend


What are your thoughts?