Racism Again

Credit: Disjointed Thinking

I have been writing this blog for three years now; this is my 150th blog post. These are monumental, amazing, facts in my world. In that three years, there have been times when I have really struggled to find things to write about, but unfortunately, in these three years, there has been a recurring issue that I wish I didn’t feel like I should address.

You see, there are days when I really get tired of reading, writing, and hearing about racism. There are days when I am just tired of the constant stream of articles about people being put down and held down because of their skin color or the scarf they wear on their head. There are days I just want to shut everything down and not have to deal with the issue of racism.

Lucky me! Because of the color of my skin and because I project the appearance of being a nice, matronly WASP, I get to. I can turn off the television, the computer, and my smart phone and move about my life without having to think about racism if I choose.

I can walk into a store and not have the clerks follow me around to make sure I don’t steal anything. If I choose to speed while driving, I can be assured that if a police officer stops me, the exchange will be cordial. If I go for a walk in my neighborhood, I know the neighbors will not be messaging each other that there is a suspicious person walking down the street.

Unfortunately, for a person of color, they don’t get to pretend that racism doesn’t exist. They don’t get to take a break when they get worn down by the issue. A person of color is reminded each and every day of their “otherness” by the white world.

I have heard a lot of white people talk about how hard they’ve worked to achieve their place in life. They can and do tell you all of the hardships they’ve endured in their life. They don’t understand why minorities don’t just get off welfare and find a job and pull themselves up the same way they did. I admire these people for the hard work they have had to put in to live the lives they are living. I will concede that life is not necessarily easy for anyone. But, until you are judged as less than without saying a word or doing a thing, don’t assume that your path is one that just anyone can take.

I desperately wish I could say that things have improved in the three years that I have been writing my blog. Unfortunately, I feel that if anything, things have gotten worse. There has been a validation of racism that has allowed those who harbor the ugliest feelings to feel safe spewing their hatred.

The one thing that everyone I know agrees on: there is no easy answer to the issue of racism and stereotyping. I have, and will continue to, attend protests that I feel are positive steps towards taking a stand. I constantly research events and groups to see which ones I feel positive about aligning myself with.

My wish, moving forward with my blog, is to someday write about all the positive steps that have been taken to move race relations forward. I wish to be able to know that my friends who are different races and different religions are being treated by society the same way everyone else is. I hope that day will be soon. In the meantime, I will continue to write about the world and its issues as I see them.



What are your thoughts?