Important Things

Lynda Lucille Potts Schoeb Ireland, my teeny, tiny, feisty, smart, funny stubborn mother is in the midst of fighting her last battle. She has given it her best shot and has definitely proved herself a fearsome adversary.

She has her three children and six grandchildren taking turns by her side as she walks her path. She is surrounded by love and knows we are all there.

In the weeks and months ahead I will gleefully tell you more stories about the woman who has been “Mommy,” “Mama,” “Mom,” and “Mother!” Right now though, all of our focus is on helping her through her fight. Please offer up your prayers, energy and positive thoughts to help her through this long night.

One thought on “Important Things”

  1. Preparing for this kind of transition is never easy, and certainly compounded by the holiday hectics. Kiley and I will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

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