Energetically Speaking

There has been so much written about energy that it seems redundant for me to address this subject. However, energy, and how it guides our lives, has been very large on my mind lately, so I am going to address it.

Scientifically, all matter is energy. That means we, and everything in our world around us are energy. How we move through our world has an energetic effect on everything around us. The energy I put out has a ripple effect which impacts the world and will, eventually, come back to me as a reflection of what I put out.

A pretty simple analogy is if I am a bad mood and stomping around the house and I accidentally trip over the cat, then the cat will respond by jumping up and scratching me in response. This is known as instant karma. If, on the other hand, I am in a great mood and I walk through the house and stop to play with the cat, she rewards me with purring and allows me to pet her belly unmolested. This is also known as instant karma.

One way that I was taught to practice putting out positive energy was to work on assuming I will have a parking space wherever I go. When I get in my car, I visualize where I’m going and I see a parking space available right where I want it to be. When I practice this with a clear mind and visualization, it works. I always find a parking space right where I see it. If I forget, or am too distracted by what’s going on around me and only utter the words without clearly setting the intention, then it doesn’t work.

It is so easy to write about how impactful positive energy can be, but it isn’t always easy to put the concept into practice. All of the examples I’ve given are very simple ways to explain how energy works in our daily lives. Not every situation is as simple. Sometimes, no matter how hard you practice putting out good energy, things happen in our lives that we perceive as “bad.”

Even if your energy work is so advanced that you never get sick, the people around you do, which impacts your life. If you are in a job that isn’t really a good fit for you, then no matter how hard you work on perceiving it as “good,” it still isn’t a good fit and things will keep happening to let you know you need to move on. If you’re in a relationship with someone whose energy challenges you, it won’t be a healthy relationship, no matter how hard you work to visualize it as working. If you try and try to find the right relationship, but you don’t have your own issues worked out, you will keep pulling the same type of energy to you until you do work it out.

Bad things do happen, but I work hard to move past the bad things and move forward with whatever solution I can come up with to move past whatever bad thing I am coping with.

The first tool I learned to use to deal with the is the midnight rule. Coach Marty Schottenheimer, a former NFL football coach, was famous for this rule, which stated that whether you win or lose a big game, you can only afford to revel in it or drown your sorrows until midnight after the game is played. Then you need to put it aside and start working toward next week. Ever since I first heard about this rule when Marty was coaching for the Kansas City Chiefs back in the ‘90’s, I have thought it was a great rule for life too.

Whenever something is happening that knocks me on my butt, I allow myself that day to feel whatever it is I need to feel. Then, after midnight, it’s time to bring on the coping mechanisms and decide how I am going to move forward to deal with the issue. I wish I could tell you I never take my problems past midnight of the first day, but I would be lying. Sometimes it takes multiple midnights for me to truly embrace moving my energy and efforts forward. But the reminder and the practice always help.

The second tool I use to help me cope with people or things I am not happy with is the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer or meditation. In this meditation, you visualize the person who is causing you to be unhappy or uncomfortable. While focusing on them, you recite the words: “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, Thank you.” I have used this meditation almost every day on a certain national political figure since last November. I do not know if it has helped him, but I know it has helped me absorb and react to some of the headlines of the last few months.

I have written about this prayer before, but at my church, Unity Temple on the Plaza, I recently heard a message about this prayer that has truly helped me deepen the practice. While reciting these words, accept and reflect on what it is in your energy that is pulling this behavior into your world and use that to more fully release the energy.

My own interpretation of this deepening is: “I love you and the energy and connection you bring to my world; I’m sorry for the energy that is in me that is causing you to bring this behavior to both of our worlds; Forgive me in order for us both to heal; and Thank you for being a safe place for me to work on this issue.”

We get to decide each and every moment of every day what kind of energy we want to put out into the world. We can put out positive energy or we can put out negative energy. Either way, what we put out is what we will pull back to us. With the tools I have learned to use, I try to always lean towards the positive. So, today, I am positive I am going to have a good day and I wish the same for you.


What are your thoughts?