Conservative Thoughts From A Liberal

It will surprise no one for me to tell you that politically I am a liberal. I usually vote as a Democrat and I usually agree with the Democrat’s platform. I believe that those who have should help those who have not.

I also firmly believe that changes need to be made to our primary election processes, to the way in which voting districts are established, and to the process of the Electoral College. I believe that there should be term limits in the House and the Senate and that the laws passed by those bodies should apply to all the members of those bodies the same as they do to the average person in the United States.

All that being said, Donald Trump was elected to the office of the President of the United States, whether I like it or not. To tell you I am not a fan of his is a great understatement. My objections are many and well -thought out.

The man was elected because many of the electorate believed we needed an outside to come “fix” the government in Washington. The phrase, “He’s a successful businessman,” was bandied about with an unbelievable frequency. I was in business for years, and let me tell you, being a successful businessman does not necessarily make you smart, good with people or good at governing. A businessman only has to know the rules well enough to break them without consequences. I personally don’t want someone in power who doesn’t feel the rules apply to them.

Donald Trump has demonized the media and has convinced his followers that anyone who disagrees with him is spreading FAKE NEWS. His solution is to use social media in the wee hours of the morning to voice opinions that have not been vetted by his handlers, er, advisors. As a consequence, he has antagonized many of our allies by targeting them on a personal level. At the very least, I believe that no matter what side of the political spectrum you relate to, someone should take the man’s Twitter account away from him. The reasons for that pop up in the news and social media on a daily basis.

What I don’t agree with is damning him for every breath he takes. As the old saying goes, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Just because I don’t agree with 99% of what he says and does, does not mean he isn’t right about things occasionally. I believe that both sides need to occasionally shut up and listen to what the other side is saying to see if maybe, just maybe, there might not be something we can agree on.

I was appalled when the picture of Kathy Griffin holding a bloody mock head of Trump popped up on every news and social media website that I saw one day, just like I was appalled every time I saw a picture of President Obama being brutalized. This is a repellant level to sink to when you disagree with someone. I can’t even comprehend how anyone of any age would think this type of visual is okay. It’s wrong. Plain and simple.

It feels like every day we are presented with more evidence that the Russians did their best to interfere with the Presidential election last November. The very thought of it horrifies me, but apparently, it happened, even if we don’t know yet to what degree. Associates of Mr. Trump are implicated and there is speculation that the collusion with the Russians could go all the way to Mr. Trump. However, he and his associates should be given due process. We have a special prosecutor whose job it is to figure out if there was impropriety or misconduct by any of the Trump team.

There is also strong speculation that Donald Trump tried to persuade James Comey, then head of the FBI, to cease his investigation into the alleged Russian connection. As of this writing, this is still speculation. In his testimony to the Senate subcommittee on June 8th, Comey would not call the behavior obstruction of justice, saying he would leave that decision to the special prosecutor.

While many of the people who objected to Donald Trump’s election by the Electoral College are baying for the President to be impeached, we need to take this one day at a time. We cannot allow the system to be subverted just to remove a person who is unpopular with a large percentage of the country. Once you break, or even bend, the rules, you have opened the door for future actions to be taken with complete disregard for our system of checks and balances.

I was one of those Americans who woke up heartsick on November 9, 2016. One of my greatest fears was that those checks and balances would somehow be thwarted and we would move towards a dictatorship. I don’t think there was ever a doubt that Donald Trump thought he was the only person that could solve the problems he perceived as ruining our society. It didn’t take a great leap of the imagination to see him declaring martial law and subverting our system. My fear was real and gut-wrenching.

For all the turmoil and the daily “WTF” headlines, I am proud of the fact that our system does, indeed, seem to be working. The judicial branch of the government is doing it’s job. However, the system was designed to work cautiously, and that means slowly. I know that we are living through a time that will be studied in history classes, but we want to make decisions that make that history a positive story, not a study in what not to do.

What are your thoughts?